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Date: 2018-02-25 14:39

[Hook: Canton Jones]

[Verse 6: Canton Jones]
Dear God i give you all the honor
I give you all the praise
And i will give you the glory
For the rest of my days
I lift up my hands
And i lift up my voice
And i'll shout it on the mountain
I'll make jesus my choice
Lord we invite your presence, have your way
And let your glory fill this place

[Hook: Canton Jones]

[Verse 7: Deitrick Haddon]
Baptize me with your fire
All over my body
I'm walking in your glory
So i can reach somebody
Had fortune and fame
But that couldn't fix me
I was walking in chains
Till you holy ghost hit me
These are the last days
Our days on earth are numbered
Church, we got to keep moving
No sleep, no slumber
We got to keep fighting until the last breath
Got to let the world know there's life after death

[Hook: Canton Jones]

[Verse 8: DPB]
Can you see it, can you see it
Can you feel him
It's his glory, standing before thee
Got to tell the story
Like i'm standing up on maury, povich
Not gonna sugar coat it
Jesus made me holy, i'm hittin the streets boldly
I'm telling them what they told me
Hold it, getting thick
Are you listenin
People dreaming dreams, prophesying, having visions
Revival breaking out, have them crying in repentance
Thousands on foot, doing hood street missions
So listen

[Verse 9: Mr. Del]
Glory, hallelujah
How it do, what's the deal ah
Cooking up another
With my brother on the real ah
Comin in the presence and the glory
Bout to fill ah Actin like you're hard
But you're softer than chinchilla
When the holy ghost Takes control of your body
Jeremiah fire got ya feelin loodi doodi
Couldn't keep it to myself I had to tell somebody
Now i'm reppin my jehovah
And i'll never say i'm sorry When i step up in the gates
I got to give him thanks When i enter in his courts
I got to give him praise I ain't worried bout a thang
Cause i'm walking in faith Move mountains with my mouth
I believe what i say, hey Hallelujah, hallelujah
When i think about his goodness
It's just doin something to ya So excuse me miss
I'm about to get my show up
And do my holy dance
Off of praise in advance, hallelujah

[Hook: Canton Jones]

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